Cheetah Mobile Management Team Delegated with Kingsoft's Voting Power

Oct 2, 2017

Cheetah Mobile Completes Investments in AI Technology Company

BEIJING, October 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM) ("Cheetah Mobile" or the "Company"), a leading mobile internet company that aims to provide leading apps for mobile users worldwide and connect users with personalized content on the mobile platform, today announced that the shareholders of Kingsoft Corporation Limited ("Kingsoft") have approved the delegation of approximately 38% voting power of Cheetah Mobile held by Kingsoft to Mr. Sheng Fu, chief executive officer and director of Cheetah Mobile ("Mr. Fu"), effective October 1, 2017. 

To the Company's knowledge, Mr. Fu intends to separately enter into a voting proxy agreement with Tencent, pursuant to which Tencent will delegate to Mr. Fu certain voting power of Cheetah Mobile. Upon the completion of both the Kingsoft and Tencent delegations, Mr. Fu and other Cheetah management members will hold over 50% of voting power and approximately 10% of equity interests in Cheetah Mobile. 

In addition, the shareholders of Kingsoft have approved a capital injection agreement, which the Company previously announced on May 26, 2017. Pursuant to the capital injection agreement, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cheetah Mobile subscribed to newly issued equity interest in Beijing OrionStar Technology Co., Ltd. ("Beijing OrionStar") for a consideration of approximately US$40 million. Beijing OrionStar is an artificial intelligence technology company incorporated in China and controlled by Mr. Fu. This transaction was completed on September 30, 2017. As a result, Cheetah Mobile holds approximately 30% of equity interest in Beijing OrionStar and has a two-year warrant to subscribe to additional equity interests at the same valuation to achieve controlling position. 

Mr. Fu stated, "I appreciate Kingsoft's trust and confidence in Cheetah Mobile's management team. By holding over 50% of voting power in the Company, we will have more independence and flexibility in executing our long-term growth strategy. The investment in Beijing OrionStar will also help Cheetah Mobile become one of the top players in AI technologies and roll out its own AI based products and services in the near future."

Background Information

On February 12, 2017, Kingsoft entered into a voting proxy agreement with Mr. Fu, delegating certain voting rights of Cheetah Mobile to Mr. Fu. The effectiveness of the agreement was subject to Kingsoft's shareholder approval and signing of a definitive agreement between Mr. Fu and Cheetah Mobile in relation to Beijing OrionStar technology company.

On May 26, 2017, Beijing Kingsoft Internet Security Software Co., Ltd. ("Beijing Security"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cheetah Mobile, entered into a capital injection agreement with Beijing OrionStar.  Pursuant to the Capital Injection Agreement, Beijing Security, Pingtan Dingfu, and Kangyuan Heart agreed to subscribe to newly issued equity interest in Beijing OrionStar for a consideration of approximately US$40 million, US$0.4 million, and US$0.35 million, respectively, payable in cash. Within two years after the completion of the transaction, Beijing Security is entitled to a warrant to subscribe to newly issued equity interest in Beijing OrionStar in the future with an equivalent value of up to US$62 million at the same unit subscription price as the current investment, subject to certain conditions and adjustments as provided in the Capital Injection Agreement. If the warrant is exercised in full, Beijing Security is expected to hold over 50% of equity interest in Beijing OrionStar, assuming that there will be no other change in the shareholding structure of Beijing OrionStar.

About Cheetah Mobile Inc.

Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile internet company. It aims to provide leading apps for mobile users worldwide and connect users with personalized content on the mobile platform. Cheetah Mobile's products, including its popular utility applications Clean Master, Security Master and Battery Doctor, help make users' mobile internet experience smarter, speedier, and safer. Leveraging the success of its utility applications, Cheetah Mobile has launched its line of mobile content-driven applications, including News Republic and 

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