Inc. Releases Cheez, A New Social Video App

Oct 26, 2017

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Inc., the developer behind leading live broadcasting video platform, today announced the launch of Cheez, a new social video app for creating, sharing, and discovering short videos up to 17 seconds long.

The app includes fun and unique functions like Dance Off, a game-like feature which displays a scrolling set of dance moves for users to replicate. The app then uses the front facing camera and image sensing technology to detect how well a user performs. Cheez also features hashtag challenges and group "Battles" throughout the main feed for people to vote on questions and then create videos to support their side.

Cheez offers endless creative possibilities with a huge selection of live filters, voice changers, stickers and music, while its intuitive editing tools let users trim, cut, merge and adjust playback speed with ease. All of the editing tools are easy to pick up for first time creators, but powerful enough to create the next viral hit.

"Everyone has a special talent--something that makes them unique," said Yuki He, CEO of Inc. "Cheez provides a platform for all people to really show off who they are, whether that's by making funny videos, singing, dancing, or just sharing interesting moments from their everyday lives. From the beginning, our goal has been to create a platform for the hidden stars of the world to create great content, connect with their fans, and build their own brands."

Coming soon, Cheez will add a virtual gifting system similar to, which will  allow users to directly monetize their short videos. has set the standard for virtual gifting in the U.S., processing more than $6 million in payments to broadcasters in just 18 months. Cheez will bring that new revenue opportunity to a community that has been craving a more direct source of compensation for their creative works.

Cheez is also about discovering and viewing a variety of videos ranging from funny to sentimental, and everything in between. Cheez's video discovery functionality is powered by a deep learning algorithm that becomes personalized over time.

About Inc. Inc. is the mobile app developer behind the popular live broadcasting platform,, and is focused on developing content based applications for the mobile-first generation. It's flagship app, has amassed more than 35 million users and distributed millions of dollars to broadcasters through direct virtual gifting. Inc.'s portfolio also includes Cheez, a social short video app highlighting the power of creativity in 17 seconds.


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