Cheetah Mobile's 'Big Boss' Robot Shows Off New AI Retail Possibilities at Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Apr 24, 2019

HONG KONG, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM) ("Cheetah Mobile" or the "Company"), a leading mobile internet company with global market coverage, and OrionStar Technology Co., a Cheetah Mobile-invested AI company, brought their Cheetah GreetBot robot to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, the world's biggest mobile electronics fair, to showcase how AI and robotics will open up new opportunities for retail. Wearing a charming hat and bowtie, Cheetah GreetBot acted as a "big boss" to introduce customers to CM Translator, the best-selling handheld translator in China, and answer questions about the product.

Robot Boss selling products in Hong Kong

Cheetah GreetBot, a full-sized receptionist robot designed to interact with visitors and customers and guide them to their destinations with speech recognition, a facial and body recognition camera, and a navigation system, made its mark with its interesting introductions and personalized dialogues, while CM Translator's one button, ultra light and portable design amazed audiences at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, where well-known industry giants and entrepreneurs gathered to experience the most advanced technologies, and latest development trends in the industry.

"Bringing Cheetah GreetBot to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair is a significant milestone in Cheetah Mobile's expansion to the AI-driven industrial internet space," said Sheng Fu, Chairman and CEO of Cheetah Mobile. "We believe AI and robotics will upgrade every industry, so we are building a whole-body AI technology chain to lead the way forward with new products for businesses and direct to consumers."

2019 is shaping up to be a critical year for the emergence of practical AI solutions, and the retail industry is one of the most transformative areas. At present, many companies, including Cheetah Mobile, Alibaba, and Tencent, have been working in the new retailing space. Cheetah Mobile and OrionStar have cooperated on additional intelligent retail products, including Cheetah VendBot, a smart mobile vending machine that brings goods directly to customers, and Cheetah Café, a robotic arm-powered kiosk that serves high-quality coffee.

Cheetah GreetBot is also being widely used in over 20 scenarios including shopping malls and chain supermarkets, museums, government service halls, libraries, hotels, banks, courts and law firms, police stations, medical treatment facilities, and schools. Cheetah GreetBot provides intelligent new retailing services, such as answering questions, visual guidance, and directing the flow of foot traffic, in Nanjing Wanxiang Duhui Commercial Plaza, Yintai Center, Chaoyang Joy City, Wanda Shopping Mall, Wu Mart Beijing, China Unicom Inner Mongolia Branch, and Benz 4S. Cheetah GreetBot responds in real-time to customer inquiries and can assist with sales.

Cheetah GreetBot's "big boss" role included providing on-floor sales support for CM Translator, the #1 selling handheld AI translator in China. Cheetah Mobile introduced CM Translator to the Chinese market in 2018, and plans to release an international version later this year. CM Translator currently supports six languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Spanish. It's extremely easy-to-use, lightweight, and features a one-button design. CM Translator offers 180 days of standby time and 24 hours of continuous use. During last year's Double 11 Shopping Festival, Cheetah Mobile sold over 15,000 CM Translator units, making it the top seller in its category.

Cheetah GreetBot amazed international customers at the Fair by providing hands-on demos of CM Translator using personalized dialogues.

Sheng Fu, continued, "The essence of robots is the combination of 'AI+hardware+software+service.' Cheetah Mobile and OrionStar have created an open robot ecosystem by building the full-chain AI technology as well as the robotics hardware. We have also used robot intelligent solutions to serve the industrial scenarios and built business brains to support business decisions and will unite more partners to work in the industrial Internet."

Although our AI-powered hardware business is still in its infancy in terms of revenue contribution, CM Translator and Cheetah GreetBot have helped Cheetah Mobile to create a closed-loop sales cycle, which we believe will become an important engine to drive our future growth. Cheetah Mobile will continue to elevate its AI abilities as it evolves from a utility app business to one that is robotics-centric and strategically focused on combining 'AI+hardware+software+service.'

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Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile Internet company with global market coverage. It has attracted hundreds of millions of monthly active users through its mobile utility products such as Clean Master and Cheetah Keyboard, casual games such as Piano Tiles 2, Bricks n Balls, and live streaming product The Company provides its advertising customers, which include direct advertisers and mobile advertising networks through which advertisers place their advertisements, with direct access to global promotional channels. The Company also provides value-added services to its mobile application users through the sale of in-app virtual items on selected mobile products and games. Cheetah Mobile is committed to leveraging its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to power its products and make the world smarter. It has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since May 2014.

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