Cheetah Mobile passed the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard certification, the worldwide recognized information security management certification

Jan 9, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Cheetah Mobile obtained the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 information security management certification issued by the internationally renowned certification body, BSI. It is the most authoritative information security management system certification in the industry. After long-term internal security construction and external review, this successful certification once again reflects Cheetah Mobile's firm commitment to protect user data security. Fulfilling our information security managment responsibilities.

The ISO 27001 certification standard is recognized worldwide as the most authoritative, widely accepted, and most applied system certification standard in the field of information security. Mainly for the information security field, in addition to privacy, confidentiality, and information technology, it also includes many other aspects including legal & regulatory compliance, personnel management, assets management, etc., and puts forward very specific requirements and standards for each.

Based on the ISO 27001 information security system, Cheetah Mobile has upgraded its user privacy and information security procedures, and regulatory policies, as well as established a complete set of information security systems in line with international standards for many important areas, including auditing systems, data security, asset management, personnel training, and workflows. Our design, development, and operation and maintenance services of Cheetah Mobile's PC-client and mobile-client apps, gaming software, live stream software, and intelligent-terminal embedded software (including robots and other products) all passed the review and achieved certification.

Han Jianqi, Vice President of Cheetah Mobile's brand marketing, and Lin Peng, Director of our security platform, attended the ISO 27001 security management system certification ceremony.

Lin Peng stated in his address that "Cheetah Mobile has always attached great importance to information security and privacy protection. Now that we have successfully achieved this certification, we can better meet the needs and expectations of users, customers, partners, and regulatory agencies. Next, we hope to cooperate with organizations such as BSI to build a greener and healthier industrial ecology, bring the benefits of technology to society, and accelerate the process of more safely digitalizing the industry and implementing smart technologies."

Edward Sun, Senior Vice President of Cheetah Mobile's brand marketing, stated that "Cheetah Mobile, as the leader among China's overseas internet companies, has created a deep foundation for security with our popular mobile application tools Cheetah Cleanup Master and Cheetah Security Master. We have also both made fruitful explorations and gained experience in terms of information security and user privacy. Cheetah Mobile is making strategic upgrades from the mobile internet to the AI-driven industrial Internet. Better information security and develop standards will also be maintained for our AI business to introduce a greener and healthier Industry ecology. Protecting data security and user privacy is the responsibility of Cheetah Mobile, as well as our obligation and commitment. We will work hard to implement the content regulated by ISO 27001, continuously improve and enhance the company's security management level and technical capabilities, further improve our core competitiveness, and achieve better results. So getting certification today is not an end, but a very good start."

Quan Zhenjun, BSI's Director of Strategic Development in China, also delivered a speech: "Cheetah Mobile successfully passed the ISO 27001 internationally recognized certification, indicating that Cheetah Mobile's information security management capabilities meet the standard requirements. During the six-month collaboration, we observed Cheetah's positive attitude toward this work, as well as the emphasis and huge investment placed on information security. I hope that in the future, high-quality companies such as Cheetah Mobile will share their experience and knowledge in information security management around the world, lead the industry standard, and jointly create universal information security standards for the whole world. I believe that this review's excellent results can also drive the entire industry's process for information security protection and privacy protection compliance. This collaboration will only be a starting point. In the future, BSI is willing to cooperate with Cheetah Mobile in working toward standardization."

Part of China's first round of overseas mobile internet companies, Cheetah Mobile has a flawless information security management system, and continues to invest in security. Through the implementation of various security technologies and management and control processes, the work of information security protection has been advanced to a first priority.

The company established an independent first-level department for information security and privacy protection, set up a fitting information security management system, and implemented security controls based on infrastructure security, application security, data security, and personal privacy security to achieve enhanced security, identify security risks, improve defense capabilities, and achieve safe and controllable policy goals.

In addition to the internal annual audit mechanisms, Cheetah Mobile is also engaged with an internationally recognized third-party auditing authority to review company operations within the framework of standards for international service organizations in order to constantly improve the company's measures in the field of information security.

Cheetah Mobile's Security Platform Director Lin Peng also said, "Besides strictly adhering to information security standards, Cheetah Mobile continues to explore strengthening the user experience. More advanced features were recently introduced for our apps, such as Clean Master and Security Master, and we are committed to creating a conscientious product, in order to provide users with more convenient, easier to use, and more professional products and services."

Cheetah Mobile's commitment to information security and data privacy is a long-standing precept. In the future, Cheetah Mobile will continue to cooperate with BSI and other relevant organizations to improve the information security and user privacy management standards of the internet and AI industries, and continue to guarantee Cheetah Mobile's diversified businesses worldwide growth.

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